Boroondara Youth Foundation

The Boroondara Youth Foundation, facilitated by the Craig Family Centre in Ashburton, is part of a statewide initiative that funds youth-led projects and aims to increase young people’s connections with their local community. We support the foundation financially and by providing mentoring and advice.

We are helping the foundation’s committee (which is comprised entirely of local young people) create a sustainable funding platform, by helping them develop strategies to raise funds from other sources.

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Youth Summit

Bendigo Community Bank® branches and youth foundations work with the Magic Moments Foundation to grow the youth of today into the leaders of tomorrow. Each year we select local students to attend the Magic Moments Youth Summit. Attendees participate in sessions on leadership skill development (communication and team building), business management (including financial literacy, investing, compounding and entrepreneurship) and social issues (such as social media etiquette and bullying). We award scholarships to applicants from local high schools and community groups.

For more information on the Youth Summit please contact Juliann Byron

Junior Observer Program

Each year we select four local secondary school students (year 11) to participate in the Junior Observer Program. These students attend our Board and committee meetings, and learn how a listed public company is administered. The program gives business students a solid understanding about modern corporate governance procedures and why they’re important. Students also meet key personnel from the business, to understand their roles and responsibilities.

We take the students to the Bendigo Centre, the national corporate headquarters for the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, located in Bendigo. After touring this vast, modern building and how it operates, the students meet executives from different parts of the Bank, to discuss how they affect the work of their local Community Bank®.

Places for future Junior Observer Programs are available only for students from partner schools, and are keenly sought. For more information, please contact Juliann Byron.

Youth Advisory Committee

We recognise the important contribution youth can make to our future growth and development through our youth programs. We plan to keep helping the young people who take advantage of our youth programs. Our Youth Advisory Committee assists the Board on issues affecting young people in our community. The committee reports to the Board, and the committee chair will attend Board meetings to report on the committee activities.

We are always looking for youth to become involved and join our Youth Advisory Committee. For more information please contact, Juliann Byron.