2021 Virtual Annual General Meeting


You can watch the 2021 Annual General Meeting here.


Shareholders are invited to attend the 2021 virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Canterbury Surrey Hills Community Finance Limited on Thursday, 28 October 2021 at 6.30pm (AEDT).


Details on how to attend and participate in the AGM is set out in the Notice of Annual General Meeting and in the Virtual AGM Guide available via the links below:



Register and attend the Virtual AGM

To attend and participate in the AGM, shareholders will need to register here.  You will need to enter your Registered Holding Name and Voting Access Code.

Shareholders are encouraged to join the AGM at least 15 minutes prior to the start time to avoid any technical difficulties.



All shareholders are encouraged to vote in advance of the AGM by following the prompts here . For your vote to be effective it must be recorded before 6.30pm (AEDT) on Tuesday, 26 October 2021.

Shareholders will also have the opportunity to vote during the AGM. You will be able to vote for, against or abstain on each item of business.



Shareholders may submit written questions in advance of the AGM here or email . Questions must be submitted before 6.30pm (AEDT) Tuesday, 26 October 2021.

Shareholders will also be able to submit questions online during the AGM.



If you require any further assistance, please contact Rose Laird, Executive Officer via email or +61 413 504 964.