Sponsorships & Grants

The Canterbury, Surrey Hills, Ashburton and Balwyn Community Bank branches offer sponsorship and grants to local organisations to facilitate their valuable activities in building and strengthening our community. Sponsorship and grants are made possible by the profit generated from banking services provided at our four branches. We promise to return 60 per cent of earnings back to the community. We have supported more than 310 groups and organisations and have given back more than $6.2 million through our Community Investment Program.

Who can apply for Sponsorship?

We accept sponsorship applications from local organisations and clubs in the Canterbury, Ashburton, Surrey Hills and Balwyn areas. We focus on organisations that aim to improve community links and provide services that benefit the local community:

  • Community groups and events – scout groups, trader associations, rotary clubs & probus clubs, community festivals and events
  • Community welfare organisations – aged care & seniors, disability organisations, neighbourhood houses and centres and parent support groups
  • Schools and early childhood organisations – primary schools, secondary schools, special schools, kindergartens, early learning centres and toy libraries
  • Sporting clubs

What are our Sponsors required to do?

Sponsorship is provided to organisations to support their projects and objectives. It also provides the Community Bank with the opportunity to engage with members and supporters to promote the benefits of community banking. The community banking point of difference is about building relationships and creating stronger communities, in addition to offering competitive banking services.  The continued success of our sponsorship program is reliant on the community supporting the Community Bank through banking services.

What is an appropriate amount to apply for?

We approve sponsorship amounts ranging from small amounts (such as $100) to significantly larger amounts. We consider several factors when deciding the amount of sponsorship to be provided, including the total project cost, the number of participants or people who will benefit from the investment and the banking business the organisation has with us. The availability of funds for sponsorship and grants varies from year to year and is dependent on the continued growth of our banking business.

How do I apply for Sponsorship?

You should contact your local Branch to discuss your sponsorship requirements. Our staff can provide guidance in relation to the amount you apply for. To be eligible for sponsorship you must be a banking customer or be prepared to move your organisation’s banking to one of our branches.

Applications for sponsorship must be submitted via our online Sponsorship Application form. You will receive a confirmation email once your application form has been received.

Please note:  Only applications received via the online application form will be considered. There is an opportunity for you to upload documents to support your application via the online application form.

When are sponsorship applications assessed?

Sponsorship applications are assessed quarterly in the months of February, May, August & November. The 2022 submission due dates are listed below:

2022 Sponsorship submission due dates

Round 1 28 January
Round 2 29 April
Round 3 12 August
Round 4 11 November

How long does it take for my application to be assessed?

Sponsorship and grants are approved subject to the availability of funds. Applications will be approved/declined by the end of the month following the application due date (ie; applications submitted by 29 January will be considered and approved/declined by the end of February) If your application is successful, sponsorship funds will be deposited into the organisation’s account with us. Funds are generally available within 14 days of approving an application. All applicants will be notified in writing.

What are sponsored organisations required to do?

On approval of sponsorship, we will contact you to discuss your sponsorship obligations. Depending on the amount of sponsorship approved, some organisations will be required to sign a sponsorship agreement. Organisations receiving more than $5,000 in funding will be required to complete the Sponsorship Acquittal form. All organisations are required to agree to the obligations stated in the sponsorship application form. These include:

  • Agreement to invite Directors, Managers and staff to attend functions and events
  • Agreement to use your organisation’s name in conjunction with our advertising and promotion
  • Agreement to add your organisation’s name to our sponsor list
  • Agreement to promote the Community Bank to members and supporters, via newsletters, websites, social media promotional material, banners or signage
  • Agreement to distribute the Community Bank promotional materials to members and supporters
  • Agreement to link your web and social sites to our website
  • Agreement to supply a ‘testimonial’ describing the benefits of the sponsorship support
  • Use of the Community Bank logos.
  • Agreement for us to use photographs relating to your Sponsorship
  • Depending on the size of the sponsorship provided some organisations will be required to submit an Acquittal form. This will allow us to review our investment and assist us when considering future sponsorship applications.

What if our application is unsuccessful?

Our sponsorship program is limited by the availability of funds and we cannot approve all applications. However, we assess each application on its merit, so your organisation is welcome to submit another application in the future. We notify all unsuccessful applicants by email.

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